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Boom. Festival - August 20, 2016 12:00 PM - Alps Coliseum



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This is the biggest Boom. Festival ever!! 2 DAYS | 4 STAGES | 50 ARTISTS 19th & 20th of August 2016 Together, bigger than ever! The Headliners: Fedde Le Grand (NED) Shaun Frank (CAN) Shifted (UK) Deepend (NED) Cuthead (GER) VRIL (GER) Møme (AUS) Tartaros (NED) Moridin (NED) The Geminizers (NED) Levianth (GR) National Artists (in alphabetical order) Clockartz Davide Piras Drahthaus Homies 4 Life The Fabulous Beard DJ Medusa Ralph Cieli Shany Stephan Krus Tears of Fury Additional Lineup (in alphabetical order) AKKU Atop the Hill BONGOBASS Cemetery Drive Daniel Peruzzo aka Eternal Issue Linser DAVID GRENZEMANN Fabio Milani Forrowheads Howlin' Pussy Experience London Elephants Marshmallows Matthew Dep Matt Noise Mindbeats Name Unknown NDPC DJ N.R.G. vs. Krony Quizzow Ryan Axon Senselexx She&Me Subsurface The 3Eyed The Blokksquad Waira

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  1. Choosing the type and amount